3 Things You Can Expect From Your Honeymoon in Bali

When we think of Bali, images of stunning beaches, mystical temples, holy volcanoes and endless rice paddies arise and it comes as no surprise that the island Bali is one of the most highly sought-after place to get married for couples in love. This might make you wonder; is the island already spoiled and overrated as a wedding destination or has it still got the magic? Let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of getting married in Bali;

Booming tourist town vs the authentic Bali

Yes, Bali is an immensely popular tourist hot spot and with a destination that is booming like Bali, there are always places where it is hard to escape the crowds, the eager street vendors, the busy traffic and moneychanger trying to cheat you. The same goes for Bali when you like at places like Kuta. Luckily, though the island is small, these cons only stick to certain places and as soon as you get away from there, you will get to see the real Bali of unspoiled nature, the rich Balinese culture and the island’s magic.

The Balinese people still live with the Gods and you will see beautiful street offerings on every corner of every street and in front of every house. While staying on the island, you will hear mystical music coming from village temples and see rituals and ceremonies out on the street. It is something hard to escape but in this case, that is a good thing! So, as you as you land on the island, make you way to the gorgeous white sand beaches of Nusa Dua and Uluwatu on the Bukit Peninsula, head towards the river valleys surrounding Ubud, the quiet fisherman villages in the east, north or west side of Bali or travel to the central highlands where the air is fresh and the nature is unspoiled. This is where you will see the ‘true Bali’ and you will find out why everyone who sets foot on the island, falls in love deeply.

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Culture, nature, luxury and the perfect wedding

Bali has got endless diversity! Apart from the enchanting Balinese culture and the natural beauty of the island, Bali is home to the most beautiful luxury villas and resorts, located at extraordinary places to make your stay even more special and unforgettable. This is another aspect that makes Bali such as popular destination for weddings and honeymoons. A good, experienced Slot777 wedding agency knows where to find these amazing places so you and your loved one can take refuge into a love bubble, making memories to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Super romantic stays and unique experiences

To make sure you will get to see the ‘real Bali’, not get stuck in traffic or end up in hotel with standard wedding and honeymoon packages, you have to choose your wedding organizer carefully. A highly recommended Bali-based travel company The Seven Holiday, learn more. They don’t do standard, they know all about the island’s secret places and the most romantic stays and they have been overwhelmed by praising reviews from couples who got married in Bali. With the Seven experts you can design your own wedding, there is personal assistance for the whole duration of your stay and you can be sure of unique island experiences, too. How does a perfume or silver-making class sound? Dinner in a cave or a romantic picnic on a hidden beach? One thing is for sure, your stay on the island will be romantic as can be and your wedding day will be a dream come true, guaranteed!

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