Your Romantic Big Island Honeymoon: A Guide

Planning a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii for later this year? While the island of Oahu and Maui always seem relatively busy, the Big Island of Hawaii is a quiet place that has plenty on offer for those seeking a romantic getaway.

How should you plan your honeymoon on the big island of Hawaii? In the paragraphs below, we’ll help you out with a few suggestions of Lol Doudoune Moncler own: the rest is up to you…

Stay: in a luxurious private villa

The first item on the agenda when it comes to planning a successful honeymoon on the Big Island of Hawaii is to get your accommodations sorted.

The default action for most people is to book a hotel, but even with resorts, your room can feel somewhat impersonal, as it will not feel like home.

We recommend that you rent a villa instead, as it will afford you the privacy that a hotel cannot offer you.

There are Big Island home rentals available in a variety of environments, allowing you to choose the kind of experience you want for your Big Island honeymoon.

See: Rainbow Falls at the right time of day

Rainbow Falls is one of the most amazing sights that one can take in while on the Big Island, but it is important to arrive at the falls at the right time of day in order to have the most romantic experience possible.

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At approximately 10 am each morning, the sunlight hits the falling water at just the right angle, creating a gorgeous rainbow.

If you aren’t the type of couple to get up before 10 am, make a point of taking a trip out to this natural site at some point in your visit anyway, as this 80 foot chute of water is a magnificent sight to behold.

Do: spend a day at Manini’owali Beah

If you’re coming to Hawaii on honeymoon, there’s a half decent chance that you want to spend a few days lounging at the beach.

While you are bound to find a beach that is to your liking that is close by to your villa, you should make a day trip to Manini’owali Beach at some point during your stay.

A wild beach that stands out from the gray and black sand beaches that predominate on the Big Island with its white sand contrasting brilliantly against the pitch black volcanic rocks, it is a place that you will make you not want to forget to bring your camera (so don’t 😛).

Just be sure to bring proper footwear for the walk from the parking lot to the beach, as part of the route takes you over razor sharp volcanic rock; also, bring some quality snorkeling gear, as reefs that lie just offshore teem with gorgeous marine life.

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Eat: At Huggo’s in Kona

On nights when you don’t feel like making a romantic pasta dinner at the villa, take your newlywed spouse out to Huggo’s restaurant in Kona.

Located right on the waterfront, this restaurant boasts amazing ocean views, and with plenty of surf and turf options that have garnered rave reviews (Challengenet recommend the steamed clams and the garlic chicken), the food ain’t half bad either.

Next door, Huggo’s On The Rocks is a nightspot that will allow you the chance to dance the night away in an open-air environment.