A Dream Honeymoon in Vienna

Planning a dream honeymoon in Vienna? This post will give you some ideas to help plan out your itinerary. Check out our suggestions below…

1. Have coffee and cake with your love at a local cafe

While your first impulse may be to try and see all the major sights upon arriving in Vienna, slow down, relax and take it easy. It is your honeymoon after all!

Start by spending a couple of hours in a local cafe in Vienna, where the tradition of enjoying coffee and cake in the afternoon is well-loved and has been maintained by city residents over many generations.

The baked goods are very rich, but don’t let thoughts of consuming too many calories stop you – indulge and enjoy yourself, and each other’s company.

2. Have a night out at the opera

Once you have gotten over your jet lag, contact your concierge to book tickets for an opera within the venerable confines of the Vienna State Opera.

Tastefully appointed, and playing shows here since the mid 19th century, the atmosphere oozes sophistication, so be sure to dress the part – your best dress, and your man’s finest tux will do the trick.

Though you might not understand the words being sung in high falsettos and deep baritones, the performances on the stage will speak of themselves. And if your man is a bit out of sorts in a place like this, worry no, as they have a bar that can be accessed during the intermission 🙂

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3. Tour the Hofburg Palace

Dating back to the era of the House of Hapsburg, the regal Hofburg Palace is the home and workplace for the president of Austria, but much of this almost fairytale-like palace is open to those that wish to walk amidst its gilded halls.

Exquisite art, grand chandeliers, and design touches fit for the former members of the nation’s elite are all on display here. There is plenty of inspiration for those looking to renovate when one gets home, but try to not go too overboard! Lots of things to do in Vienna like this Bola88, lots of history in this city.

4. Go on a Danube River cruise

Given the fact that Vienna sits on the banks of the River Danube, one of your evenings should involve jumping on a tour boat that takes in the best architecture that this city has to offer from the water.

Drinks and dinner are often included, and as the city lights up before your eyes as darkness falls, you’ll have a fitting send off if you are set to depart for home in the ensuing days after your amazing honeymoon in the most cultured part of Europe.