Bosnia Herzegovina’s Mostar: More than just a Bridge

One of the sunniest towns in Bosnia Herzegovina, Mostar is a beautiful place to explore and to enjoy as a visitor. This is an historic town which was named after the guardians of the famous bridge, known as Mosteri and located on the River Neretva and amongst the Herzegovina Mountains.

The Bridge

Most visitors to Mostar make a beeline for the famous bridge which spans the River Neretva. The Stary Most is a stone bridge built in 1566 and bridged the Muslim and Christian communities in Mostar. Each year it is tradition in Mostar for the young men of the tow to dive off the top of the bridge into the River Neretva as a sign of strength and no doubt to impress the local girls. During the recent war in the Balkans the bridge was blown up by the Serbs, summarily dividing the town. It was restored by the British Army and continues to be the focal point of a united town.

The Muslibegovica House

The town of Mostar was once under Ottoman rule and the influences are seen in the streets from old men puffing away at bubble pipes to the cuisine on offer and the architecture. The Muslibegovica House is very interesting to visit as it shows a lot of Turkish furnishings and is typical of the residences owned by wealthy people during that period. The high walls protected the women of the house from local eyes.

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Karadjoz – Bey Mosque is the second largest in Bosnia Herzegovina and is another example of the ottoman influence in this area. It has been restored since the recent civil war and is very interesting to visit.

Partisan Memorial

Mostar has been at the centre of many battles and in the town there is a famous Partisan Memorial which was designed by the architect to commemorate those who fought in World War Two. There are a number of cemeteries in the area, and one of the most moving is close to the town centre and where many of the young men died from 1993-1994, several on the same day.

The Café and Craft Culture

Mostar is a wonderful place to see crafts being made and to visit the many cafes and restaurants where Turkish coffee is a specialty. Wood working, art and leather work are just some of the crafts in the area, and copper work is also renowned here. The light draws many artists to the area, and Mostar is a delightful town to explore and meet the locals who are regenerating the area after such a tragic war. This area is increasing in popularity with visitors and is really welcoming to those who come to see a beautiful part of the Balkans.

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