Get Out of Town with these London Escapes

London brings to mind the queen and royalty. It is the place that is filled with nostalgia and once upon a time literally had the world at its feet. Britons had conquered the whole world and were the leaders till Second World War. Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Charles and his ex wife Lady Diana’s wedding was a spectacle seen the world over in the eighties. Last year it was his son Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding that was world news. The historical Buckingham Palace is a mute spectator to many interesting incidents. The guard of honor changes every day in the evening and is a treat to watch. If you wish to move out of London for the weekend, here are a few places that come to mind that can make your visit worth every cent.

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Paris is just a couple of hours by train from London. You can take the train in the morning and be back in London by next day. It is in direct contrast to London and you can feel the change as soon as you reach. Known as the fashion capital of the world, Paris has a lot to offer for tourists. The Eiffel Tower is a must see on your visit to this most enchanting city. There are fine restaurants to taste the lip smacking French delicacies and shopping for clothes and accessories and looking around the museums can leave you pleasantly exhausted after a hectic weekend.

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Bath is one of the finest Roman ruins left from that era. It’s about an hour and a half from London and there are many trains that can take you there from the city center. It is a Roman spa that was used during the Roman rule. This shows how modern and lavish the people lived in those times. If you wish to stay in Bath there are several low budget hotels available for tourists.

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Windsor Castle reminds you of Queen Elizabeth. It’s her home and is also open for tourists to take a glance at royal lifestyle. Situated at about half an hour distance from London there are trains that can take you to Windsor Manor every fifteen minutes. The castle is beautiful and its breathtaking view is a treat to sour eyes. Windsor Castle should be a must see on your London trip.

Dover Castle

Dover castle is another gorgeous attraction that is situated just outside the city of London. It takes an hour and a half to travel to Dover castle. There are regular train services available to take you there. It used to be a fort city that had one of the busiest ports and military base.

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Brighton has a history for pleasure and party. You get to dip your toes into the sea at Victorian Pier and enjoy the scenic beauty and take in the royal pavilion. Known for its exquisite shopping and night life Brighton also offers excellent fish and chips.