Things to do in Hyderabad, India

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there are only a handful of places in India which offer a huge variety in sights, sounds and history. Hyderabad is one such place. You simply cannot miss this amazing destination. There’s an abundance of things to do in Hyderabad – just be sure you don’t miss the following:

  1. Visit the Hussain Sagar Lake
  2. Make a trip to Ramoji Film City
  3. See the Charminar
  4. Buy pearls
  5. Try some authentic Hyderabadi food

Everyone in Hyderabad is proud about the diversity in attractions that it offers. It is very difficult to linit a Things to do in Hyderabad list for this city. Even if you cover all the five activities mentioned here you will feel that there are lots of sights and things in this city which has remain uncovered. Let us now discuss the top Things to do in Hyderabad for a first-time visitor to the city.

1. Stroll around the lake

Hussain Sagar lake is one of the prominent attractions of the city. It is a very public place in Hyderabad and looks good in the mornings with the trees swaying in the cool breeze. The place is surrounded by lush greenery and is a welcome change from the chaotic life and skyscrapers in the city. You can come in the evening when the lake looks beautiful in the lights and take a stroll around the lake with your loved one.

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2. Ramoji Film City

If you ever dreamt of spending a day in a make-believe world, then come to Ramoji Film City. Here you can hop on a London red bus, drive by the Taj Mahal and peek into the Brindavan Gardens. Ramoji Film City is basically a theme park that also doubles up as a film facility. The park is located on the outer fringes of the city and there are a number of stunt and comedy shows.

What’s New:

3. See the Charminar

The Charminar is an imposing structure in the city which depicts the intertwining of the traditions of Hinduism and Islam. The Charminar is basically a minar which looks breathtaking at night when it is fully lit up. You can go to the top by negotiating a very narrow staircase but it will be worth the effort as the view from the top is simply amazing.

4. Go shopping for pearls

Hyderabad has the distinction of having the largest collection of pearls from countries like Japan, Australia and Sri Lanka. Traditionally Hyderabad pearls refer to a string of pearls tied together without any damage to the quality. If you go to the Patterghatti area you will come across the most experienced people from across the globe who deals with pearls. You must buy a pearl souvenir for an everlasting memory of Hyderabad.

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5. Dine out

The Hyderabadi cuisine is not limited to the different varieties of lip-smacking biryani. Hotel Paradise Persis on M.G.Road serves the best biryani in town and to make it more delicious you can order some Mutton Kebabs too. The Palace Heights in Hyderabad offers a whole range of delicacies from authentic Hyderabadi cuisine. It has a roof-top restaurant which offers a good view of the old and new side of the city. Go in the evening and order for dinner. While waiting for food you can enjoy a good view of the Charminar from there. The manager will help you gladly in case you fail to spot the sight. If any of your friends is making a trip to Hyderabad ask him/her to include this restaurant in their Things to Do at Hyderabad list.

Hyderabad is a unique destination in India considering the fact that it is a unique mix of wonderful attractions, plenty of shopping options, and a golden chance to savor some of the best food in this part of the world. The city has witnessed some sweeping infrastructural changes in the last few years and the new world class international airport bears testimony to this fact.