How To Safely Delay Your Period For Your Honeymoon

For many people, their honeymoon is booked months in advance, and potentially over a year before they are planning to go. The honeymoon is a very much looked forward to part of getting married and often signifies the start of wedded bliss! One thing a woman does not want on her honeymoon is her period!

Choosing to delay their period can help a woman relax on her honeymoon, knowing that their monthly visitor is also taking a break.

Why Would You Want To Delay Your Period?

Cramps, bloating, and any other type of pain are not welcome on a honeymoon! Unfortunately for a lot of women, this is what occurs during that time of the month. Although the premenstrual cycle is a necessary part of life, it is not the most pleasant time of anybody’s month.

A honeymoon, however, should be all about relaxing and having fun. We considered an important holiday in a couple’s life and is one that they will always remember and discuss. This is why people may choose to delay their period, for the duration of the honeymoon, and the good news is they can!

What Options Are Available?

There are a couple of ways that you can delay a period, and it will depend on which contraceptive methods you use.

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If you are on the contraceptive pill: Some contraceptive pills will allow you to delay your cycle, by taking two packs, back to back. In effect, this will mean period is missed. While it is not a good idea to do this on a regular basis when done once, it does give you enough time to enjoy your honeymoon.

If you are not on the contraceptive pill: There is a prescription-only treatment called Norethisterone, which is progesterone based. This is available from your GP and can delay your period for over two weeks. As soon as you know you are going to have to delay your period, make an appointment with your GP. This pill does need to be taken in advance of your period, so you will be required to keep track of when your next period is due. This is a typical and very effective method of delaying your period.

Is It Safe To Postpone A Period?

Yes, the majority of the time it is safe to delay a period. However, it is always good to check with your GP beforehand. If an individual has certain conditions or family history of those conditions, then the GP will be able to advise.

So if you do want a honeymoon where you can just simply relax, knowing that your period will not arrive, you can achieve this easily. Always see your GP in advance of your honeymoon, and let them know your intentions to delay your period. By doing this, it is a great way of removing one more stress, at an already busy time in your life.

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Good luck!