5 Best Day Trips from Bangkok

While an amazing place on its own, there’s more to Thailand than just staying in Bangkok. For tourists looking for an experience other than what the capital city has to offer, here are five of the best day trips from Bangkok that you can try:


Before Bangkok, Ayutthaya was Thailand’s prime mover during the nation’s early years. This once capital city is just a little over an hour away from Bangkok, making it an ideal day trip destination. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ayutthaya is known for Buddha statues such as the ones in Wat Yai Chaimonkorn and Wat Phra Mahathat. Before returning to Bangkok, make sure to drop some of its restaurants and cafes for an authentic Thai food adventure.


Considered one of the interesting places to go among this list of five best day trips from Bangkok is Kanchanaburi, a historical place where lots of World War II remnants can be found. The Jeath War Museum, for example, displays the plight of allied prisoners during their era. This old museum is built on a slightly run down Thai temple. There are also cemeteries where soldiers killed during World War II were laid to rest. Don’t head back to Bangkok without seeing the bridge over the River Kwai that Kanchanburi is known for.

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Amphawa Floating Market

Nevermind the floating market for tourists, take an hour and a half cab ride from Bangkok to reach the Amphawa Floating Market. This is where you can enjoy the real floating market experience with the countless shops and stalls situated in the riverbanks. For those who arrive early (the market opens at 1PM), the chance to take a boat ride and see the seven temples nearby is a priceless experience.

Khao Yai National Park

For people who are not into spur of the moment day trips, a planned tour at the Khao Yai National is a good option. Availing of a guided tour is a great way to enjoy this enormous park that is over 2,000 square kilometers. Activities such as wine tasting, kayaking, and hiking are considered a must-try.

Rose Garden Riverside

The Rose Garden Riverside is a great place for tourist to know a thing or two about Thai culture. This 28-hectare theme park and resort is a gateway to Thai culture with its shows that include folk dances and Thai boxing. It also has a restaurant, named Inn Chan, that serves traditional Thai dishes.

To get the most out of visiting Thailand, one needs to get out of the capital city’s comfort zone and take any or even all of these five best day trips from Bangkok.

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